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Jessi & Konrad Jessi & Konrad ist weiblich

Länger als 108 Monate dabei.Länger als 108 Monate dabei.Länger als 108 Monate dabei.Länger als 108 Monate dabei.Länger als 108 Monate dabei.Länger als 108 Monate dabei.Länger als 108 Monate dabei.Länger als 108 Monate dabei.Länger als 108 Monate dabei.

Dabei seit: 24.01.2011
Beiträge: 12.087
Herkunft: Hamburg
Haustiere: Konrad & Franz
Programme: PI 11, Gif Animator 5.05
Letzte Aktivität:

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9 Chickweed Lane ( United Media )

ALF®, ©Warner Brothers
All Star Santa®, ©Ruth Morehead
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Animation Factory (must give credit; cannot group graphics for distribution)
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BatmanT, ©DC Comics
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Boyds Collection® (bears)
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Boyds Collection® (Bears)
Bozo The Clown, ©TM Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation
Bratz Pack and Dolls
Bubblegum Kids (and other candy products) (Amurol Confections Company)

Calico KittensT, ©Enesco
Cherish® - A Lovely Cherub, ©Ruth Morehead
Cherished Teddies®, Priscilla Hillman
Cicely Mary Barker all rights and (C)
Christine Haworth
Canadian Artists on the Web (Needs Permission)
Carol Heiman-Greene (Wildlife Artist - Needs Permission)
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Christ-Centered Mall Art Gallery
Clifford The Big Red Dog, ©Scholastic, Inc.
Curious George, © and Trademark of Houghton Mifflin Company, Licensed by Universal
Cute Colors (Read their strict Terms of Use; it depends on how you want to use them)

Diana Levin
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Daniel Hahlbohm (Religious Artist - Needs Permission)
Dennis Sibeijn
Dexter's Lab, ©Nintendo
Dickens' Village Series®, ©Department 64
Dorian Cleavenger (artist)
Dona Gelsinger (Artist)
DreamsiclesT, ©CastArt Industries
Diddel und seine Freunde
Digital By Nature (Wallpaper, Scenery, etc.) - needs permission
Disney Characters
Donato Art Gallery (Artist: Donato Giancola)
Dawn Dovell

Easter Parade®, ©Ruth Morehead
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Endangered Young'uns®, ©Ruth Morehead
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Geddes, Anne©all

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Janesco all rights
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Joseph Holodook (Künstler)
Julia Utiasheva
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J. D. Challenger (Künstler) (Unauthorized reproduction of any image prohibited)

Kate Monkman
Kelly Johnson (Künstler), hat seine Online-Genehmigung zurückgezogen/man kann aber via E-Mail eine Genehmigung erfragen
Ken Danby (Künstler)
Kate Dawidiziak (Ever Enchanted Artwork/Fantasy Künstler)

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Lisa Frank (Künstler)
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Nine Chickweed Lane

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pc-crafter, alle lizensierten künstler
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Sandra Lynam Clough - Tapestries Artist
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Undercover Kids ®, ©Ruth Morehead

Victoria S. Griffin (Artist - Dreams, Shades, and Fairytales - Needs Permission

Warm and Whimsical Characters®, ©Ruth Morehead
Wendy Fowler
Winnie the Pooh, ©Disney, ©A. A. Milne & E. H. Shepard
William Whitaker (Künstler)
Wendy and Brian Froud (Fantasty Künstler)

Yvonne Gilbert

Zardo HDR Photographer
Zamora aka Zammie


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